351Media provides prompt and quality technical support and repair services for all your smart homes needs.

The list of Smart Homes services we offer:

Home Automation

“Home Automation” is a very broad term and can include controlling systems such as Air Conditioning, Underfloor heating, TV & Sound, security shutters, security Alarm, sprinklers, Curtains, Blinds and lighting.

Smart Home Security

The technology behind the Security alarm gives you complete control over your home wherever you are, at home or anywhere in the world. The first alarm that you can control from your mobile phone or on the broadband.

Lights Control

Lights can be programmed to be on at night even when you are not in residence and automatically turn off at a predetermined time. We can also make the house look like you are home by initiating a ‘Holiday mode’ which randomly turns lights on and off in rooms for periods to make it look like the house is occupied. We uses an ‘Astronomical clock’ so that all on/off times can be referenced to ‘sunrise’ or ‘sunset’ and the on/off times will vary, depending on the season, so that they are always correct.

Smart Door Lock Installation

As technology advances security also tends to incorporate new ways of securing your home or automobile. With the emergence of the IOT, bluetooth and fingerprint scanning technology more companies are emerging with creative security solutions that connect to your phone. Allowing you to control your security system from anywhere in the world.

Smart Doorbell Installation

Sit back and let a 351Media install your smart doorbell and help you monitor the covered areas of your home, even when you’re away.

Wireless/Wired Camera Installation

We provide top-of-the-line security camera systems helping you to keep a watchful eye on your home or small business day or night. Offering a variety of packages with wired and/or wireless security cameras with various DVR models, you can be sure to find a bundle that perfectly suits your needs. We provide both sales and installation and we give advice accordingly for your convenience.

Smart Thermostat Installation

Thermostats are crucial for the efficient, effective, and long-term operation of your entire heating and air conditioning system. Investing in a quality thermostat can increase the longevity and improve the performance of your home’s climate control unit.

Shading Solutions

We can help you get the most out of motorized window treatments. We offer a wide variety of motorized shading systems that place you in control of the natural light in your home, all at the touch of a button. Our high-tech window treatments are designed to take comfort, convenience, aesthetics and protection to a whole new level.

Home Cinema, Multiroom audio, Networked Audio Hub Setup

In simple terms, custom install is the process of integrating all your surround sound, video, lighting control, CCTV/security and automation seamlessly into your home. All the equipment can be hidden and you can access it all through your smart phone, tablet or even through in-wall touch pads. This means 351Media will install your home automation systems without there being a single cable or wire in sight! The work we carry out to integrate your ‘digital home’ future-proofs all your needs.

Voice control

Until recently, controlling your smart home tech boiled down to apps and automation -- scheduling a smartened up lamp to turn on at sunset, for instance, or using your phone to turn it off after you've climbed into bed. But what if you could simply tell your smart home to turn it off?

It might sound like the stuff of "Star Trek" or "The Jetsons," but recent advancements in speech recognition technology have made a voicecontrolled smart home completely attainable, and many of the gadgets that promise to get the job done are already available. Some come from ambitious startups while others come from the titans of the industry, but all of them want to give your smart home a set of ears.

We provide our Smart Homes services at the following locales including: Algarve, Sagres, Lagos, Portimao, Lagoa, Lole, Albufeira, Vilamoura, or Faro area.


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Our business and residential computer repair services cover a wide array of areas. Whether you need us to install a computer, perform network set up duties, or conduct a virus scan, our computer technicians will provide excellent computer support and get to the bottom of your computer problems quickly and efficiently.

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